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Heating Furnaces

Keeping you and your family warm is important, especially with Winnipeg's notoriously cold winters! If you're looking to replace or upgrade your furnace, Noris Heating and Cooling can help. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help fit your house with the perfect furnace. Call us today for your FREE, No Obligation, appointment!

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Air Conditioning

It wouldn't be summer in Winnipeg if it didn't have 2 things – Hot Temperatures and Mosquitoes. While we can't help with the Mosquito problem in Winnipeg, we can help you with the heat!

At Noris Heating and Cooling we understand having an efficient and well working air conditioner is a must. So whether you want to drastically reduce your energy costs or are tired of the costly repairs to an old air conditioner give us a call! Schedule a FREE, No obligation appointment with us today to learn more about our entire line of heating products.

Products Include:

Air Quality

The air we breathe is an important health factor to consider so at Noris Heating and Cooling we've been keeping the air in Winnipeg homes clean for over 20 years with our Air Filtration systems. If you're concerned with the quality of the air in your home, give us a call.

Water Tanks

It's been a long, tough day at work and all you want to do is have a shower and relax, but as you turn on the water you realize it's not warming up... Upon investigation you discover your hot water tank has prung a leak! Don't panic, don't stress, Noris Heating and Cooling has been helping Winnipeg homes replace their hot water tanks for over 20 years and they can help you too!

At Noris Heating and Cooling, we sell top of the line Hot Water tanks at prices that won't hurt your bank account and we can offer financing too!

Our prices for replacing a water tank includes:

Products include:


A whole home humidifier from Noris Heating and Cooling can help maintain proper humidity throughout your home, raising your comfort level and saving energy. Call us today to install a humidifier in your home!

We service these brands, and many more!